all roof waterproofingRoof waterproofing services in Karachi for the unified group highly absorbent of water, so that the roof and sewerage system needs to be waterproofed by adhesive membrane that protects against water penetrations in building structures to get control on seepage. In conventional system of water proofing it involves membrane additives (Polymeric, elastomeric, bitumen and silicate etc) application of one or more layers over the walls, roofs, foundation and sewerage system that acts as a protective barrier between building and water and as a result the buildings are protected from water penetrations for long last period. We have wide range of high quality waterproofing systems that provide maximum protection for your foundation against water and moisture through the use of the most-effective and latest nano technologies which ensures that the coatings and adhesives not only meet but increase the expectations of our clients. We have one of the highest qualified waterproofing systems available here, it is identified by factory mutual as a class of waterproofing system. Waterproofing systems are designed for all types of masonry roofs and surfaces such as foundation walls, exterior walls, concrete panels, basements, retaining walls and tanks. The mixture of this chemical with water and opc and fully reinforced with waterproofing fabric, that forms a hard wearing flexible compound which is the best fit for a waterproofed roof. Inspect for any damage in the roof material where the leak is coming in, it will be likely easier to search it on a flat roof, but leaks can also come in the house a best distance is where the actual roof is damaged. If your roof is slanted, search for those areas on the roof that are higher from where the leak enters the home. If you have an attic one, inspect it with the help of a flashlight, for black marks and molds and water stains. Run a hose around other sections of the roof and keep a person inside to alert you when the leak occurs.