all roof waterproofingroof seal Proofing Want to extend the life of your roof ? sure, who doesn’t, but in today’s life the surface of your roof is exposed to sun, rain, wind and weather storms and it is difficult to with stand the elements day in and day out without suffer of tear and wear. While a typical roof can be long lasting as much as 20 years without a replacement, damages are mostly caused by storms and sun, that leads your roof towards the road of the leaks. Roof seal proofing manufacture has came up with a potential solution. Application of a waterproofing sealant over the surface, in this way the sealant gets a hard hit by sun, rain and ice and not your roof’s shingles. In addition the roof sealants resistant prevents the growth of mold algae too. The right kind of sealant depends on what your roof is made up of. For instance, a metal roof coating might not be suitable for concrete and vice versa. Although for flat roofs, roof coatings are necessary they are much less popular for sloped roofs. However, there is been a huge developments in the types and intended purposes of coatings in the past 25 years, so the roofing industry has been started, to see more pitched roofs gets sealed. In some cases, roof sealants can also act as five retardants for your roof. Of course if you are really concerned about your roof’s five ratings, installation of a metal roof is probably a best way to start. To prevent the growth of mold, rubber roof coatings have a fairly low permeability, which ensures that they don’t stay moist or allow access of harmful micro-organisms like mold and algae to flourish. If you live in damp areas where mold threats are at high rates, to reduce the heat of your roof and reduce of cooling cause. Here it gets controversial again, there are number of building professionals and experts out there (including, at one point the department of energy) . Who believes that coloured roof coatings are an environmental world cup. Unfortunately, there’s been some evidences that these kinds of cool roof, as they are well known, actually increases the heat index when reviewed in mase.