all roof waterproofingRoof leakage proofing ensures to give 100% guarantee of our work with the usage of imported membranes and chemicals. Areas of our roof leakage proofing services covers the wide range or you can say it as to get the roof repaired of any places like school, factory, home, office etc. Water seepage can cause untold damages, it spoils the beauty of the paint and distorts precious furniture. Loads of plaster and heavy weights on the roof are nothing, but the waste of money and time. Excessive leakages may generate cracks that could cause of any unfortunate incidents. We have came up with new technological ideas to make your house roof strong enough against unwanted damages and as well as the type you would have always wanted. We apply latest and highly qualified water proofing machines and materials. Get our services and enjoy the rain instead of worries related to the leakages of roof. Chemicals that are used absorbs the rain water and block the way to seep from the pores. We are always available for our clients, all you need to do is contact us and our experts will be at your doorstep to inspect the roof and repair it with practical plan. We have launched a very special and highly researched material for the treatment of roof leakage proofing. Firstly the first layer will fill the holes and cracks and penetrate in the roof repair, the old damage concretes the surface. 2nd layer will be attached to 1st layer to fill the remaining cracks, 3rd layer’s use will be very important Fabuce. 4th and 5th will be used as covering of the fabric and makes high flexural tensile strength. 6th and 7th layers makes the roof more sufficient compressive strength, After the completion of layers it makes a highly flexible tensile strength. It makes your roof capable to resist till 70’C temperature.