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Our roof leakage chemicals are unique polymeric based on polyurethane. It is applied on the surface of roof after cleanse of dust, rust and other unwanted materials. This is a polymer with high bonding material suitable with all kinds of surfaces like concrete, asbestos and metallic sheet to resist water molecules and moisture of water exist in humidity up to 100%. This chemical can also be a rest guard for metallic sheets. Generally the main reason of water leakage cracks, big and small holes, pinholes in work of cement, which not constructed as water tight. This chemical has properties to penetrate in these kinds of cracks, micro-pores and pin holes in deep to the end to fill the space. It blocks the water penetration ways after dryness automatically. Roof chemicals includes any place in this city or in any environmental situation for pleasant indoor environment and atmosphere, but if the features have many other advantages too. The two of the most exceptional features of heat proofing chemical for home is to get a superior of non conductivity of temperature and heat. Which provides ecological shelter as well as secure of good amount of money. Basically there are many parts of the house protected well in their respective terms to stop undesirable gain or loss of heat at all time of the years. You can also discover several approaches to understand correct chemicals materials which suits your house. The ecological features of a well insulated home are amazing in many terms as it helps to prevent the quantity of the energy which is used to make inner atmosphere warm and cool than outside. It helps to minimize carbon dioxide which is released from environment. We use qualified materials for proper work, and with the use of modern technologies and equipments it is easy to work faster for more professional works.