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Ion Roof is the most crucial segment of a building, which is exposed to direct climatic variations, extreme structure movements and rainfalls can cause damages to your roof. So every effort should be taken at design stage, to ensure that a proper protective system has been incorporated. It has often been found that economic solution is not always a proper solution. So the system that assures maximum protection should be chosen even it may cost a little more. A structure or a building needs a concrete waterproofing itself can not be watertight on its own. All of the moderate flat roofs are generally constructed as reinforced cement concrete. This material eliminates all flat roof problems, except that the roof should be made waterproofed by employing any of the various methods available for moisture proofing. The R.C.C slab of the roof is generally done with ordinary concrete without use of any admixture to take care of the extra work ability, which requires proper placement and compaction of the concrete through congested reinforcement. Integral waterproofing compounds are sometimes used in the concrete, but often they are not used properly. Lime roofs that is (brickbat coba) with lime, is applied on the R.C.C slab to serve dual purpose. Weatherproofing of the slab requires heat insulation for below areas. The next purpose is of waterproofing, this layer also provides the slope required for easy drainage of rainwater. Due to numerous cracks that are developed in lime roofing, water penetrates through these cracks on the R.C.C slab below it. Lots of cracks are formed on the plaster of the parapet walls due to shrinkage of cement motor. Rainwater slowly comes down onto the R.C.C slab through these cracks, to avoid leakages of water through roof, mostly tar felting is done on the roof. But it gets cracked and the water penetrates through cracks due to weather conditions. Any basic waterproofing system is chosen is a waste of money, due to basic materials the application of waterproofing gets weaken as well as the system also. In to make the base concrete strong enough, the concrete should be admixed with an integral waterproofing compound so that the concrete will be strong enough to handle sudden weather variations.